This is my first entry for a blog that will be discussing all things film and, specifically, the Academy Awards.  I have been following the Academy Award ceremony since I was twelve years old and my love of this ritualistic, yearly event supersedes my own day of birth.  They have helped me discover films that I would never have come across as a bored adolescent.  As my friends ran off to to the next Transformers film and my parents settled in for a night of romantic comedies and Steven Segal films, I discovered the timeless classics on Turner Classic Movies.  I’ve pressured friends and ex-girlfriends to accompany me Philadelphia’s Ritz Five to see some of the foreign films that were not expanding over to South Jersey.  I have followed the same select few film/Oscar blogs since I was a freshman in high school and they have opened me up to worlds previously unknown.  

These cinematic musings comes to you from Joey Dunn.  I am a recent college graduate of Rutgers University-Camden where I studied English literature and film studies.  I live outside of Philadelphia in beautiful suburban South Jersey.  I plan to focus this blog on film reviews and Oscar predictions with the occasional sidetrack into the art of video games and television.  Eventually, I hope to recruit some fellow obsessive compulsive film enthusiasts to provide different perspectives.  I believe it is safe to say that escapism plays a large part in my love of all things entertainment and the movie theaters of this world are my haven.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the show!